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Terri Green RMT



Terri Green



Terri is a graduate of  the West Coast College of Massage Therapy where she completed 3000 hours of training to receive her registered massage therapy status. Terri has been practicing since 2005, and over the years she has taken a multitude of post graduate courses to deepen her understanding of massage therapy and the human body. Terri believes that learning creates space for inspiration. She is particularly passionate about myofascial release , visceral manipulation , and cranial sacral therapy and has successfully used these techniques in her practice for the past several years. Her training and dedication has allowed her to witness huge shifts in clients who live with chronic pain, as well as issues relating to posture, range of motion, and mobility.  You can expect her treatments to be healing, relaxing and informative. Her deep understanding of anatomy and willingness to impart this knowledge will leave you feeling both empowered and connected to your body. When she is not in the office you can catch her passionately pursuing her yoga practice, baking cookies, and shopping for shoes!


Derek Wone RMT



Derek Wone


Derek graduated from the 3000 hour program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. He was drawn to massage therapy when his mother was in a serious accident and saw first hand her improvement with treatment from a registered massage therapist. Derek believes that massage therapy is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle and can create a balance in the body that improves quality of life. Derek integrates Swedish massage, Myofascial release,trigger point release, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations, deep tissue massage, stretching and strengthening exercises in his treatments. These techniques release fascial adhesions, improve and maintain postural alignment as well as decrease pain and tension allowing the body greater ease of movement. He is available from Wednesday to Saturday unless his wife or baby tell him otherwise.


Jillian Wone RMT



Jillian Wone




Jillian  has been an RMT since 2005 and a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2009. Although being an RMT was her first love, she can’t wait to start practicing as an Acupuncturist as well! Her focus during treatments is to address the cause of the disorder as well as balance any disharmony. Myofascial release, trigger point release and craniosacral therapy are her favorite modalities to bring about healing for her patients. Her yoga practice, constant culinary curiosity and self-treating with acupuncture maintain her personal balance. Jillian anticipates her acupuncture registration to be completed by early November 2014. Please visit her website or feel free to e-mail her with any questions or concerns about the practice of acupuncture or massage therapy.


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Angie Pajic RMT



Angie Pajic




Angie  is a 2001 graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy and has been a dedicated massage therapist in practice for more than 13 years.

She first became interested in human anatomy when, as an athlete, she found that all other forms of rehabilitation weren’t working. When she got her first massage treatment, she was relieved and excited to find that something actually worked.

Through the years she has continued to work with athletes and people who are interested in the human body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself.

Angie is also interested in working with expecting mothers and babies after having 3 children of her own. She has also spent a lot time with older patients, helping them to reduce pain and increase their ability to fully utilize their bodies.

Angie’s techniques include myofascial release, deep tissue massage, trigger point release and muscle energy techniques . She is a fun loving professional who loves to work with people.

Angie is available Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm- 8pm.